Air cooled data centres

Giving you secure, scalable and eco-friendly performance.

Our air-cooled data centres use infrastructure that is simple to operate and maintain while also keeping the entire facility energy efficient.

Our decentralised chilled water system and the distributed redundant powerdatacentre block design improves low load management, robustness, modularity, and part-load efficiency.

Our data centres are designed to take advantage of full and partial free cooling even in extreme desert environments, whilst keeping supply air temperatures to critical IT equipment within ASHRAE thermal guidelines. Our data centres have power usage effectiveness lower than the regional average.

Our data centres use adiabatic pre-cooling technology not only to conserve water and extend free cooling hours, but also to ensure our data centres can withstand extreme heat.

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Engineered by the best in the business

Our Tier III-certified facilities come with the assurance of five nines uptime and are highly scalable thanks to our flexible design philosophy. Each data centre is fully future proofed, using the most up to date technology. Our data centre design through to operate is robust and offers dedicated cooling to each of the data rooms and is fully climate change resilient.


We deliver one of the best power usage effectiveness ratios in the region.


Our facilities are built to the highest standards, to support any application.

Eco-conscious design

Our designs are LEED certified for minimum environmental impact.


Our UPTIME TIER III-compliant facilities come with the assurance of five-nines uptime.

Operational resilience

Our facilities have distributed redundant power with up-to 48 hours of back-up


Safe behind boundary walls and 24/7 security personnel.

Designed for you

Take advantage of our design-build-operate capabilities to create a data centre that is tailor-made for your needs.

From concept to commissioning, we will work with you on developing a facility that is adapted to your data centre systems requirements and are fully redundant.

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A carrier-neutral approach

With EDGNEX Data Centres by DAMAC you will not be tied to a particular carrier, giving you the freedom to work with the partners you trust the most.

There where you need us

Our strategy is to develop data centres in the most exciting emerging markets in the world.

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