Adding value to your data centre environment. DAMAC Data Centres delivers layer one, two and three services, either upon request or as part of a contractual bundle.

Smart hands

With our smart hands service, you get a qualified technician on site to take care of dealing with issues.


Visual inspections, rebooting, providing cross connects, replacing components.

Circuits and

Disconnecting systems, removing power, running new cables, circuit testing.

Diagnostics and tests

Connecting test sets, swapping storage media, installing equipment, signal testing.

System admin

Labelling, dispatching equipment for repair, taking light levels, installing loopbacks.

Maintenance tasks

Cross-connect patching, maintenance support, handling back-up tapes and spares.

Service desk

Benefit from a service desk that is active 24/7 and can provide all the professional data centre support that you require, from authorising deliveries to putting in smart hands requests systems and fully redundant, refrigerant-based computer room air conditioners.

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Design without compromise

From air quality to automation, we make sure every aspect of your data centre environment is of the highest quality.

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