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Delivering your content

Data centres are at the heart of the digital media industry, allowing content to be streamed to audiences worldwide.

Our data centres, hosted in state-of-the-art facilities in the Middle East, can provide unrivalled support for your digital media operations across the region and beyond.

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Support for streaming services

Scale content delivery and reach new audiences with data centre networks optimised for speed and performance.

Scalable design

Expand capacity to match audience trends and accommodate peaks in content.

High reliability

Rely on five nines uptime to ensure content is always available to your audiences.

Regional coverage

Benefit from exceptional access to markets in the Middle East.

Flexible options

Drive profits with global connectivity and ultra-fast data centre networks.

Optimised design

Host systems in an environment that is designed for performance and scalability.

Cloud capabilities

Supplement your existing infrastructure with localised cloud capacity.

Calling all digital media companies

We offer the most modern data centres in the whole of the Middle East, putting capacity at your service across the region.

Our facilities support your needs for secure, high-density, hyperscale computing with dynamic scalability to meet growing content demand in minutes.

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There is a silent boom in data centre demand on the horizon that will require new data centre capacity and a new model for developing digital infrastructure.

Hussain Sajwani, Chairman and CEO, EDGNEX Data Centres by DAMAC

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