Mobile and edge

Scale fast, efficiently, to target new markets and grow average revenue per user.

Preserving revenues

Profitable growth is key in the mobile and internet-of-things industries. But growing revenues when margins are key means you need a data centre provider that can offer high levels of efficiency.

At EDGNEX Data Centres by DAMAC we offer data centre environments that offer unparalleled levels of performance based on the latest efficient designs.

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Underpinning profitable growth

Our data centres are designed to handle high-volume, high-traffic applications and allow you to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Global interconnections

Reach global markets through secure, low-latency fibre channels.


Provide outstanding customer experiences with lightning-fast data centre networks.


Maintain consistent service levels with five nines uptime backed by exacting SLAs.

Market proximity

Address new growth markets through our facilities in the Middle East.

Direct access

Connect to key mobile and fixed-wire network operators around the world.

Cloud capability

Access the world’s top cloud services providers or build your own clouds locally.

Calling all mobile and edge companies

EDGNEX Data Centres by DAMAC next-generation data centre solutions can allow your business to harness new market opportunities and drive profitable growth through added-value service offerings.

Speak to us now about how our data centre services can benefit your operations in the Middle East and beyond.

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There is a silent boom in data centre demand on the horizon that will require new data centre capacity and a new model for developing digital infrastructure.

Hussain Sajwani, Chairman and CEO, EDGNEX Data Centres by DAMAC

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