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Enjoy a secure, high-performance environment for your critical workloads.

Supporting your business

SAP software lies at the heart of most modern enterprises. And for business-critical applications such as SAP HANA, you need a data centre environment that helps optimise your data processing and analysis capabilities.

Our cloud-ready data centres are designed with big data applications in mind, giving you a scale-out environment that can expand seamlessly along with your business requirements.

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Cloud oriented

Grow easily with the first name in Middle East hyperscale data centres.

Low latency

Maximise the performance of your SAP arrays with ultra-low latency connections.

Physically secure

Rest assured that your SAP files and applications are in secure installations.

Infinitely flexible

Pick the services that best suit your business cloud requirements.

Efficiently designed

Emulate SAP’s green ethos with facilities designed for maximum efficiency.

Strategically located

Enjoy greater choice over SAP data centre locations in the Middle East.

Easily managed

Call on whatever level managed services you need for your business.

Calling all SAP-based companies

If you are investing in the world’s most advanced software suite, then make sure you have a first-class data centre environment to match. We can provide the most advanced facilities in the region today.

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There is a silent boom in data centre demand on the horizon that will require new data centre capacity and a new model for developing digital infrastructure.

Hussain Sajwani, EDGNEX Data Centres by DAMAC

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